PCT now using Mercurial

Some of you may already have noticed, but PCT switched from Subversion to Mercurial. If you are already working with Subversion and don't know about Mercurial or DVCS in general, I really advise you to have a look at them. Mercurial solves a lot of problems frequently occuring in Subversion, especially branching and merging. Joel Spolsky wrote a Mercurial tutorial, with a nice first chapter for Subversion users.

At this time, I really enjoy the followings :
  • It's fast : as you have a local copy of the entire repository, there's no network traffic involved in common usage
  • You can work in the plane/train/hotel room with no Internet connection : doing local commits, revert back to any revision without being connected is an absolute must for me. I've been stuck so many times not being able to compare local versions with previous commits, not being able to keep track of my work during an entire week.
  • As I know that merging is so easy, I easily create a new clone when I need to work on a specific task. This way, I can work with a clean tree, do local commits, and merge when I'm finished. 
PCT is now hosted at GoogleCode which is quite fast (and especially fast compared to Sourceforge SVN servers). Take your time to study Mercurial and enjoy working with your own PCT clone !
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