PCT 0.17 is released

I just released a new version of PCT. Almost 16 months after 0.16, it was time to have another standard release, as continuous integration is not something you can rely on in the long term.

Download it from here !

Included is the changelog :
 * Several improvements on PLReader. Still one bug remaining when extracting adecomm.pl
 * Removed PLExtract task, in favor of PLFileSet type which can be nested in any FileSet capable task
   Only in read tasks, PCTLibrary still needs to be used when creating libraries
 * Replaced CRCDifferent with RCodeSelector. Now able to use MD5 to compare r-code
 * Another bug when XREF when importing XREF on classes
   Bug reported by Sascha Hofmann
 * Added environment variables to PCT tasks
 * If dlcHome attribute isn't set, try to use DLC property then DLC environment variable
 * PCTConnection was not allowing user name with no password
   Enhancement by Sascha Hofmann
 * Upgrading to ANT 1.8
   Edit : To 1.8.1
   Edit : To 1.8.2
 * Changed the way $DLC/version is parsed
   Thanks to Matt Baker for reporting bug and additional infos
 * Adding languages and textSegGrowth attributes to PCTCompile and PCTCompileExt tasks
 * Corrected warning message when compiling classes
 * antlib.xml for pct namespace was not included in JAR file
 * Updated documentation for pct namespace
 * Changed setPropath to addPropath in PCTRun, so that multiple propath definitions can be combined
 * Cleanup when tasks create a new subtask instance. Fixed a bug when using pct namespace
 * GC Bug #1 : upgraded pct/_dmpincr.p to 10.2B
 * Added PCTVersion task
 * If pctX.pl is not available for your version of Progress, fall back to source code
   Compilation licence required in this case.
 * Reads PCT-SRC property from the command line, to force source code instead of compiled version
 * GC Bug #2 : more detailed error messages during connection (patch by Dan Dragut)
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